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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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Table 1.    Secretary's Discretionary Program, Fiscal Year
1984 Intended Funding Flow:    Total, Mandates, Responses
________to Departmental Requests, Secretary's Special Initiatives

Intended Funding Flow

Total Appropriation:                                                                    $28,765,000

(1)  .Pregains Mandated by the ECIAJ/:                                         $11,475,000

Arts in Education                                  $2,125,000

Inexpensive Book Distribution               6,500,000

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education         2,850,000

(2)  Newly Mandated by P.U 98-312J/:                                      $ 1,000,000

Law-Related Education$1,000,000

(3)  Congressional Responses to

Departmental Budget Requests:                                                  $11,779,000

Programs cited in House or Senate
Committee reports:

National Diffusion Network!/     $10,000,000
Educational Television and

Technology!/                                                  1,290,000

Evaluation of the Chapter 2
Block Grant                                                        489,000

(4) Discretionary Portion for Secretary's

Special Initiatives;$4,511,000

A.  Goals and Objectives

During FY 1984, the Department's principal objectives for this program were
as follows:

o     Through the Secretary's Special  Initiatives, to

stimulate the development of teacher incentive structures designed
to improve the   quality   of  elementary  and   secondary  education   by
influencing teacher recruitment and personnel systems; and

stimulate research, development, demonstration, and related activi-
ties to focus on unmet national elementary and secondary education
needs, particularly those identified by the National Commission on
Excellence in Education.

o     Through the National Diffusion Network, to

disseminate more information in the Secretary's priority areas,
especially in technology applications, adult literacy, and teaching
of math and science;